Monday, December 11, 2006

P3P- (2)

What's P3P??
At its most basic level, P3P is a machine-readable vocabulary and syntax for expressing a Web site´s data management practices. Taken together, a site´s P3P policies present a snapshot summary of how the site collects, handles and uses personal information about its visitors. P3P-enabled Web browsers and other P3P applications will read and understand this snapshot information automatically, compare it to the Web user´s own set of privacy preferences, and inform the user when these preferences do not match the practices of the Web site he or she is visiting.

What's the use of it?
P3P enhances user control by putting a Web site´s privacy policies where Web users can find them automatically, in a form users can easily understand, and, by using a common vocabulary, allows users to compare the privacy policies of the different Web sites they visit. Most importantly, this enables Web users to act on the privacy policy information they receive. In short, the P3P-enabled Web communication can bring ease, transparency and consistency to Web users wishing to decide whether and under what circumstances to disclose personal information. User confidence in online transactions can increase as they are presented with meaningful information and choices about Web site privacy practices.