Monday, November 14, 2005

P3P - (1)

What's P3P?
What's the use of it?
How it works?
P3P on action

P3P is; Platform for Privacy Preferences Project policy, a protocol designed to give the users more control of their personal information when browsing the Internet websites.

P3P developed by (W3C) World Wide Web Consortium, officially recommended on April 2002
In the mid-1990s, the W3C recognized the potential problems arising from this issue and began developing the Platform for Privacy Preferences. A primary goal of P3P is to increase user trust and confidence in the Web through technical empowerment. The P3P specification provides a simple, automated way for visitors to learn more about and gain more control over the use of their personal information on Web sites they visit. P3P has been designed to be flexible and support a diverse set of user preferences, public policies, service provider polices, and applications.