Monday, June 06, 2005

Why Internationalization is Important?

What's internationalization?
To Improve the quality and the usability of a solution in international markets- if website- the effort to make the website available to everyone regardless the location.
By the following:

  • Use the proper language
    -Character encoding (Unicode is a standard character encoding for all languages that’s now widely adapted)
    -Facilitating multilingual web pages and websites.
    >bi-directional text
    >ruby annotation (character annotations used to clarify the pronunciation often added to ideographic scripts such as Japanese)
    >number formatting
  • Localization consideration
    -cultural sensitivity in graphics and text
    -flexible forms that allow different address and naming conventions
    -political sensitivities
  • Visual design based on the new technology and most recent style to match the most recent designing standards
  • Usability testing methods
  • Register in well known search engines and directories


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